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‹ Accueil Fermes et propriétés 7 Pièces Supérieur, Guimarães, Acheter

620 000 €


Ferme 11 Pièces

Selho (São Cristóvão), Guimarães

Ferme 11 Pièces

Selho (São Cristóvão), Guimarães

Données du biens

620 000 €
État Bon état
Suface brute 1 343 m²
Suface du Terrain 205 000 m²
Année de construction 1940
Publié en plus d`un mois
Référence 1214-55
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Large farm with 138,000 m2 (13.8 ha), with several buildings, agricultural land and forest areas.

Existing buildings are in relative good condition and there has been basic maintenance.

Some of the agricultural land is being exploited, in a non-intensive way.

The Buildings:

1) Main Building

The main building, intended for housing, part dated 1682, was rebuilt partly in the 1940s, has concrete slab, except in a small area corresponding to the oldest building.

The house has a ground floor and a raised floor, being implanted in an area of 400 m2

It has a gross building area of 837 m2, and 400 m2 gross private area.

The house although not used for many years is in a reasonable state of conservation.

2) Casa do Homem

Casa do homemade, consisting of 2 floors, with a gross area of 170 m2 and 85 of private area.

The house of the 70s, is in relative good condition.

3) Rio house

House of one floor, intended for housing, with an area of 51 m2.

4) Chapel - Sec XVII

In the farmhouse there is a small chapel with altar and choir area.

5) Other buildings to support Agriculta

There are other identifiable buildings in the photos, such as the Lagares Building, Espigueiro eira, and Stables.

Agricultural Land

1) Vineyard - ~ 1.5 hectare

2) Agricultural fields - ~ 3.5 hectares

Other Important assets:

1) 7 Water Mines

2) Forests


Inserted in the near Selho, São Cristóvão, Guimarães, the land has at an small a distance a number of equipments that values the same:

- Guimarães Shopping / Mainland - 6.2 km (9 min by car)

- Guimarães Hospital - 6.7 km (10 min by car)

- Historic Center Guimarães - 7,1 km (12 min by car)

- Motorway Entrance - 5 km (5 min by car)

Guimarães City (from wikipedia):

(url caché)

Guimarães (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɡimɐˈɾɐ̃jʃ]) is a city and municipality located in northern Portugal, in the district of Braga. Its historic town centre is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, in recognition for being an exceptionally well-preserved and authentic example of the evolution of a medieval settlement into a modern town in Europe.

Guimarães is also a part of the Ave Subregion (one of the most industrialised subregions in the country), as well as the historical Minho Province. The city has a population of 52,181 inhabitants.[1] The population of the municipality in 2011 was 158,124,[2] in an area of 240.95 square kilometres (93.03 sq mi).

The city was settled in the 9th century, at which time it was called Vimaranes. This denomination might have had its origin in the warrior Vímara Peres, who chose this area as the main government seat for the County of Portugal which he conquered for the Kingdom of Galicia.

Guimarães has a significant historical importance due to the role it played in the foundation of Portugal. The city is often referred to as the birthplace of the Portuguese nationality or the cradle city (Cidade Berço in Portuguese) because it is widely believed that Portugals first King, Afonso Henriques, was born there, and also due to the fact that the Battle of São Mamede - which is considered the seminal event for the foundation of the Kingdom of Portugal - was fought in the vicinity of the city.[4]

For some decades, Guimarães was the capital of the County of Portugal, however, shortly after the Battle of São Mamede (1128), and due to the needs of the Reconquista, Coimbra became the kingdoms capital.[5]

The inhabitants of Guimarães are often called Vimaranenses and Conquistadores (the Conquerors) in relation with the historical heritage of the conquest initiated in Guimarães.

Guimarães, along with Maribor, Slovenia, was the European Capital of Culture in 2012.

Contacter promoteur


Localisation - Ferme dans la ville/village de Selho (São Cristóvão), Guimarães



KW Keller Williams - Alfa Porto


Ref.: CasaSapo_1214-55

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