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CASASAPO is the leading Real Estate Portal in Portugal, with more than 400 thousand properties being advertised and more than 1 million visitors, average per month.

How was CASASAPO born?

CASASAPO was born in 2000 as the result of a partnership between Janela Digital, PT and SAPO Portal, thus becoming the real estate channel of the leading Internet Portal in Portugal.

How to access CASASAPO?

You can access CASASAPO with the url, or via the link “casas” in SAPO portal.

CASASAPO also has available a mobile version ( which can be accessed from your smartphone.

If you have an Iphone or an Ipad, you can also download our applications from iTunes and comfortably search for properties with you device.

What does CASASAPOhave to offer?

CASASAPO has been constantly evolving throughout the years and it has sought to meet its user’s needs, be it the real estate agents as the private users.

CASASAPO is not only one of the best means to sell or purchase a home but also to advertise other types of properties, such as: warehouses, garages, coffee shops, holiday homes, in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and to access other services such as: property assessment services, advertisement of developments, real estate sector news, etc.

CASASAPOClassifieds Ads

The classified ads service is a way for privates to advertise properties that they want to sell or rent or for real estate agents that have few properties. It is an efficient advertisement service at reduced costs.

Advertising on CASASAPO allows placing the properties in an electronic market, with around 1 million visitors, average per month, and that monthly generates more than 50 thousand visit requests.

This service allows introducing detailed information of the property, as the main features, photos and videos. These details make all the difference and bring added value to your property in the eyes if a potential buyer.

Based upon a simple and user-friendly platform, CASASAPO classified ads offer a management area of the ad, which can be accessed at any time

Auctions / Opportunities CASASAPO

The Auctions/Opportunities section is the latest area of CASASAPO Portal. Besides being a great opportunity for the banks, the Auctions/Opportunities are also extremely advantageous for buyers, given that they have the possibility to find properties below the market value. Those interested may schedule visits to the properties by filling in the Contact form in the property details.

Properties Assessment

The CASASAPO properties assessment service is one of the portal’s novelties. This service, although mainly indicative and not an official real estate assessment, it is the easiest way to analyze the value of a property, to fit it onto the market and even to analyze the real estate market evolution in the last few years.

This data comes from the giant database that CASASAPO has accumulated in the last few years and which has received a monthly average of 400 thousand properties per month. These data offers a base of statistical calculus in regards to the real estate offer that no one else can offer.

CASASAPO International

The CASASAPO International is the ideal place to advertise properties located in Brazil, Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. Interconnected among them, the several CASASAPO become a real estate window with huge international projection.


The developments advertisement on CASASAPO is the place where we can found exclusive developments, already built or in construction. The information, extremely graphical, it is based on the latest technologies of real estate advertisement on the internet. It presents in a complete and detailed manner the properties, showing interior and exterior images, especially the architectural choice and the surrounding landscape.

CASASAPO – National Real Estate Barometer

The National Real Estate Barometer it is a market analysis tool that was created for the real estate sector professionals, and which supplies every month updated data regarding the properties offer as well as regarding the profile of those seeking a home.

Besides the data regarding the properties offer existing on CASASAPO (total number of properties available in the market, average offer prices, type of properties, number of properties seen and number of visit requests), the barometer allows also to analyze the profile of those that are looking for properties (age of the potential buyer, what it wants, reasons why is seeking, purchase intentions, etc.).

CASASAPO Portal counts with 19 years of accumulated data of the national real estate activity, thus becoming the biggest and more reliable source of information about the offer and demand trends.


The first online news channel focused on the real estate sector to be created in Portugal, CASASAPO News it is the main informative centre of the sector in electronic format. With more than 5 years of existence, CASASAPO news keeps the whole real estate sector and its professionals informed on a daily basis.

CASASAPO News is a reference for thousands of professionals of the sector and it counts with a close collaboration of the main companies and personalities of the sector. All the big events and real estate businesses, that were carried out or are to be carried out or still in planning, pass through CASASAPO News in articles, press communicates or video reports.

Along with its news channels counterparts from Brazil, Spain, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Europe, CASASAPO News is the informative centre per excellence of the real estate in the Portuguese language in Europe, In Africa and Americas.

If you are a Real Estate Agent or Promoter and wish further information about CASASAPO – access the link or contact our Sales Department on +351 262 840 464.